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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the online ranking or visibility of a website or web page on SERP ( search engine result page ) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Askme.com etc. in an organic or unpaid way. 

SEO requires both technical knowledge and creativity, it is as much an art as it is a science. SEO is user friendly and easy to understand for the search engine, however.

It optimizes the quality and quantity of the content. Relevant content is essential for generating traffic on a blog or a website.

SEO targets different content such as image and video searches related to keywords. 

It is a wide platform under Digital Marketing.

For beginners SEO is nothing but merely a process which makes it easier to locate web pages by typing 2-3 words known as keywords. 

It assists in finding a company or a business amongst thousands of companies.

SEO is a form of marketing strategy under Digital Marketing.

SEO works with different elements for crawling content, helping in promoting the rank of a page. 

It provides traffic to a website or a blog, delivering potential customers and augments a page's rank in a search engine.

SEO is done in two different ways:

• Off Page SEO

• On Page SEO

Off Page SEO includes the measures and steps taken outside the website to improve it's position in the search engine. Such as link building, inbound linking and back links from other websites.

Whereas, On Page SEO involves improving meta description, meta tags, tittle and content besides the steps taken within the website to improve the page's ranking in search engine with targeted words. 

SEO consists of two types:

White hat SEO:

   White hat SEO is an ethical way of practicing SEO tasks and improving rankings in SERP according to the terms.

• Black hat SEO:

Contradictory to White hat SEO, the Black hat SEO uses false techniques and strategies to improve the page's ranking and does not follow the rules of search engine.

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